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Crafting the story at the center of your game

Videogames started as something simple, with games like Pong and Tetris being purely about their gameplay. Nowadays, a story is a critical component to keeping players interested and engaged. There are a variety of ways to tell stories within video games with cutscenes being the most popular. However, newer games are utilizing in game events to tell stories in powerful ways.

The biggest thing that developers miss is the emotional connection. Before you tell a Read the rest of this entry »

Coming up with a game idea

Sometimes the hardest thing to do for a game designer is to come up with a unique idea. There is plenty of space to interact still in video games if you really look at how to piece together something that hasn’t been tried before. The biggest problems are people being over ambitious in the initial design of the game.

Would it be great to be able to do everything you wanted to in a virtual environment? Yes, it would be cool but narrow your view to the story you want to tell and how game effects telling this Read the rest of this entry »

Looking back at the first video games

The video gaming industry has became a multi-billion dollar industry. Since its inception it has been a sought after piece of history. Every kid and adult alike had to have one. No household was complete without one. Nothing has changed decades later.

The first games were one or two player, black and white, simple to play games. They had simple graphics and chances are there was no need for a 50 page instruction manual. You did not have all the media that accompanies a new release. No posters or movies or commercials. Just a game. Read the rest of this entry »

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