Coming up with a game idea

Sometimes the hardest thing to do for a game designer is to come up with a unique idea. There is plenty of space to interact still in video games if you really look at how to piece together something that hasn’t been tried before. The biggest problems are people being over ambitious in the initial design of the game.

Would it be great to be able to do everything you wanted to in a virtual environment? Yes, it would be cool but narrow your view to the story you want to tell and how game effects telling this story play. The best example is Prince of Persia: Sands of Time where the game play is the biggest part of the story.

Try to avoid cloning other people’s titles. You might think that you have the idea for the next Call of Duty franchise but if you can’t do it bigger and better then what’s the point? Just remember this in the initial design phase so you don’t waste time and money chasing down a bad game.

It’s easier now more than ever to design a video game. Just remember to keep it original and not to copy someone else’s product. If you can do this you will be on your way to designing a great game.

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