Looking back at the first video games

The video gaming industry has became a multi-billion dollar industry. Since its inception it has been a sought after piece of history. Every kid and adult alike had to have one. No household was complete without one. Nothing has changed decades later.

The first games were one or two player, black and white, simple to play games. They had simple graphics and chances are there was no need for a 50 page instruction manual. You did not have all the media that accompanies a new release. No posters or movies or commercials. Just a game. Simplicity at its best. Not now. Games cannot be sold without a blockbuster movie or a multi-million dollar media design behind it. The graphics are so crisp that you can snap it like a carrot stick fresh from the fridge. Joystick controls have so many buttons that you sometimes feel you are in the cockpit of a 747 airplane. And the sounds are so in-depth that you feel that you are right there in the midst of it.

But why do you need that? Why do things have to be so complicated? The games of yester-year may be “dinosaurs” to some of you youngsters, but in 40 years your grandkids will think the same about your games.

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