Free role-playing games

Role-playing games are nothing new. In fact, some might say it’s more rare for one to break the mold in terms of tradition than not. Considered as a genre, common qualities of RPGs include an involving storyline, combat with lots of different monsters, and detailed character designs, whether in a video game or a pen-and-paper adventure (and yes, I’ve played a few rounds of Dungeons & Dragons in my time). Another quality associated with RPGs is lengththese aren’t games you start from the beginning each time, but rather a continuing adventure. As such, you might not imagine to find many free online RPGs, as online games are typically known for their casual nature. I’m here today to show you the error of your ways.Role-playing fans have plenty to choose from online, no matter what experience you’re looking for. The starting point, of course, has to be RuneScape, which holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Like most of its kind, RuneScape is set in a fantasy world, here called Gielinor. Players create their avatar and travel through the world completing quests and defeating enemies. It may sound familiar if you’ve played such games before, but rememberit’s free.If you are interested in an MMORPG but prefer a different universe, try the vampire-themed game Blood Wars. You play a bloodsucker struggling to eke out your position in a post-apocalyptic world. Players band together within distinct clans in order to take on powerful enemies and accomplish quests that are impossible alone.For those preferring a solitary adventure, try the detailed Monsters Den, “a party-based dungeon crawl tactical RPG.” You can create four different party members and plow your way through dungeon after dungeon, leveling up your characters and finding new weapons and items as you go.Finally, to conclude this brief introduction to free online RPGS, I’ll draw your attention to Dragon Boy, a game which definitely is a result of its online stationthere’s no save function, and gameplay is fairly standard. However, you do get to control a boy who is in charge of a single dragon egg, and over the course of the game, that dragon will hatch and fight alongside you. Sometimes, that’s all you need for an entertaining afternoon.

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