The game-designer’s library: Books that will come in handy

The game-designer’s library: Books that will come in handy. A video game designer needs to be able to draw inspiration from outside sources, so that their game environments and characters do not become stale or too repetitive. Here are some great resources to help your game design.

Trigger Happy by Steven Poole

Covers many ideas with consideration to the aesthetics that appeal to gamers and why they work. It also debates artistic and ethical issues of game design.

Animating Real-Time Game Characters by Paul Steed.

A reference manual of hot tips and tricks from industry professionals about game animation.

Game Modeling Using Low Polygon Techniques by Chad Walker and Eric Walker.

Learn to design, sketch, render, make color choices and modeling techniques for low-polygon content game design. Good for beginners to the medium.

Ultimate Game Design: Building Game Worlds by Tom Meigs.

The insider perspectives on many advanced techniques for the design of virtual environments and the creation of characters for them. A worthy reference work.

Character Development and Storytelling for Games by Lee Sheldon.

This is a writers aid and reference that was written to help game designers in creating content and dialogue for gaming characters.

Fun Inc.: why games are the 21st century’s most serious business by Tom Chatfield.

The myths and attitudes about video games in the 21st century. This book explores how they are culturally and intellectually relevant to modern society.

Creating the Art of the Game by Matthew Omernick

This is a great reference for everything including modelling, texturing and game design techniques.

The Art of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawford

This is considered a classic work, it was the first book really devoted to the pure method of gaming design, interactive environments and the overall theory behind the art of making video games.Still bored? Click to continue: Monday’s Game Design: Credentials and Shopping List from Dice Monkey

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