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Their world is your oyster: the growing trend of computer game “modding”

“Modding” a game is the process of altering it so that you can play it in a different way, without actually changing a huge portion of the game in the process. Over the past few years, modding has become increasingly popular. Playing the same game can get boring over time, but with a few alterations you can change your gaming experience to be something entirely different within the same game.

The most popular computer game that players have modded is MineCraft. This game has literally dozens of mods out there that fans have made to make the game unique in a different way, depending on what mods you are using. There are some to make it play like a story line with quests and adventures, and even a mod that makes the game seem like Pokemon.

Computer games are getting a lot more replay value because of fan-made mods, and they are allowing players to put their own twist on their games. Being able to create your own spot within a game is a true gamer’s dream, and mods allow that to happen. Not only can they use a mod themselves, but they can actually allow other players to download their mods and use them.The hits keep comin’: The 16 Funniest and Coolest Video Game Mods Ever

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