Designing characters that people will remember

Are you a budding video game designer? Are you interested in creating unique, memorable games? Do you want to find great ways to make sure your characters are realistic and believable? If so, read these tips on designing characters that people will remember!

- Realism is great, but do not overdo it.
All great video game characters are a perfect combination of real life and your game’s fantasy world. Characters that have nothing in common with your game’s audience are too difficult to relate to, but characters that are too similar to that audience will be easily forgotten. Always give your characters a touch of the fantastic, the extreme, and the out-of-this-world.

- Give your characters depth.
This applies to their appearance and overall look as well as their thoughts, emotions and actions. It can be easy to include only the parts of your character which are necessary to the game’s storyline. However, try to think like a great writer: include background and plenty of details. Did your character get a scar in a pre-game battle? Do they have a favorite color? Is there a type of clothing which defines them? Get creative in even the smallest parts of your designs.

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