Popular and addicting online puzzle games

There are many online games to choose from that can be very addicting. Some of these games can be available to play online through various websites. Bejewelled and Fortune Stones are just a couple games that are available to play for free online at any time.

Bejewelled has many types available, including the newest version Bejewelled Blitz. On Blitz mode, the player must score as many points as possible in one minute. This game can even be played with friends online to compete for the top score. The player must find the matching gems that are three, four or five in a row, when four or five are found, other gems are found which can bring many more points. It is not unusual to get lucky and have a 100 or 200,000 point game.

Fortune stones is a new game that can also be played with friends in either strategy or frenzy mode. Both modes the player can find different types of gems that bring more points, however; only in strategy mode can the player choose between leisure and timed modes, where in frenzy mode it is always timed.

Both of these games, as well as others available online can be played against friends, making the games even more addicting.

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